Friday, December 07, 2007

Friggebod Friday - Öland: shed odyssey

My pilgrimage to the Swedish shed island Öland led me to discover some real treasures created by farmers and the public alike, writes Sy Willmer, Shedworking's north Europe correspondent. These examples would hold their own in any coffee table publication. I’m still spinning this compact shed around in my mind - I came across it in a farmyard and is small enough to throw one's arms around in response to the warm feelings it inspires.Shed adaptation is something really close to my heart: the human factor never ceases to surprise and on Öland an inventive soul has combined their passion for sheds with a passion for rock climbing. Everyday yellow timber siding of a common Scandinavian shed is suspended several metres above ground level with surrealist qualities, reminding one of the Belgian artist René Magritte's work.

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