Friday, December 07, 2007

Toys and shedworking

A nice story in the Daily Mirror by Laurette Ziemer about Colin Carlson whose traditional homemade wooden toys business Creations in Wood - which he started from his garden shed - is doing exceptionally well. Laurette writes:
"The turning point for Colin came after he sold his small company that made plastic office equipment. He says: "There I was at 51, in effect having taken early retirement. I was rattling round the house bored. It all came to a head when I needed a tin of carrots for lunch and couldn't find them. I told my wife Ann it would be good to make a stock inventory so she knew what was in there. She threatened to hit me with the tin of carrots unless I 'got out of her way and went to the bloody shed'!" He did as he was told - and to pass the time began making wooden toys."

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