Friday, December 21, 2007

Bosch & Fjord - 'plug and play'

Shedworking likes Bosch & Fjord’s vision for Innovation Lab’s workspace at Copenhagen’s IT University, what they call a ‘plug and play’ answer to furniture design: large shipping crates contain a variety of office modules including a kitchen and three different types of workstation. Crates can be combined to form bigger spaces and each one is delivered by truck, unloaded, installed and can be packed away again easily if and when necessary. Packing and unpacking takes only two hours. “The furniture system considers the diversity and individuality of the employees,” say Bosch & Fjord. “It is a consequence of the modern corporate need for flexibility and innovation.” Bosch & Fjord have done lots of other interesting workspace designs including some for Lego in Billund - pictured below is their 'picnic room' which is rather nice.Office Snapshots is a marvellous site for interesting workspace designs (not many are shedworking ones specifically, but plenty are rather ingenious).

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