Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First shedworking space for the Beckhams?

Dutch sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar's Treetent has been around for several years, admired and not admired on sites around the interweb. But now it seems that Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham has bought one for the little Beckhams for Christmas (from Neimann Marcus for around $50,000). Neimann Marcus describe it like this:
"A totally new way to experience nature. A limited-edition dollop of sci-fi futurism. A 13-foot-tall cred-building choice that silences that, "We hate camping!" whining once and for all. has earned international fame for making the world's coolest architectural tents. Nestled among the branches, up off the ground, there's a nine-foot-diameter hardwood floor and groovy round mattress inside. It sleeps two adults comfortably and also makes the world's coolest tree fort/spaceship (with adjustable planetary landing steps)."
Beckhams junior are not doing too badly in this department - they already have a two-storey brick Wendy house at their Hertfordshire home and a play castle with drawbridge which brought them into some 'discussions' over planning permission with the local council.

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