Monday, December 03, 2007

Martin Amis - shedworker

The Guardian's excellent weekly series Writers' Rooms has recently featured novelist and critic Martin Amis who works from a garden office. Here's how he describes it:
"My writing room is a detached building at the end of a small concrete garden. The glass ceiling is covered with leaves and squirrels. I used to have the attic in the house and Isabel, my wife, was meant to have this office, but I didn't think she used it enough so I reclaimed it. It's ideal - you can't hear the children and you can smoke."
I also like the explanation for the bottles of water - apparently when his daughter Cleo was small she brought them out to the shed and told him that now he never needed to come back into the house again.

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  1. You'd expect such a pleasant writing space to result in more enjoyable reads.