Saturday, October 06, 2007

Third place wi-fi shedworking

It goes without saying that shedworkers don't always work in sheds and indeed plenty of third place work locations are also great shedworking atmospheres. Two pieces of news which will help all shedworkers on the move - first, BT is encouraging people to open up their broadband to other users, as reported on Enterprise Nation by San Sharma:
"The 'BT FON Community' will cover the entire UK with hundreds of thousands of BT FON hotspots. The idea is a little left-ish - and I like it! Basically, it means that if you share your wi-fi connection, you get access to others for free - all over the country."
and now, as reported in the Guardian by Rebecca Smithers:
"The fast food chain McDonald's is to introduce free high speed wireless internet access at most of its 1,200 restaurants by the end of the year in a move which will make it the UK's biggest provider of such a service."

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