Monday, October 01, 2007

Peter Lovesey - shedworker

Peter Lovesey, who writes the marvellous Cribb stories, was recently interviewed by Annie Chernow for Crimespree Magazine, a nice piece in which it emerged that Peter is a shedworker.
Q: As to the physical process — is it quill & parchment, Smith-Corona, or computer? Please tell us how, where, and when you prefer to write.

Over the years, just about everything. I was scratching on the cave wall when I started. Now I have a white-painted garden office with all mod cons except the phone. It cost me as much as I get in an advance, but it suits me fine, and suits Jax even better because she can have Caruso and Martinelli belting out arias without disturbing me while she paints in the house. I’m slow, slow, slow, so I start early and work till late most days.

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