Friday, October 05, 2007

Garden office suppliers in Scotland

I've had an enquiry from somebody in Scotland who is interested in buying a garden office. Can anybody help?
"Does anyone know of designers/architects in Scotland who are currently making beautiful and functional garden studios? Most sites I have come across for commissioning/purchasing a sound 4 season space seem to be based down south. I am interested in in ecologically sound design, and would want a workspace in the garden that would be warm and dry all year round as - well - it pours in Scotland a lot of the time."
If you can help, click here and leave your details. My suggestion was that various garden office suppliers based in England (and indeed Wales and Ireland) might be willing to quote for the project but the only two actual Scotland-based companies I know about are Beaver Timber and More Space UK whose model The Sheridan is pictured above.


  1. Hi Alex,
    Thank you very much for your advice and help on the question of a scottish garden office - it is very much appreciated! I'll kepp you updated as ideas progress.
    With best wishes,

  2. My pleasure. Good luck with the search and do let me know how you get on.