Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Keeping tabs on homeworkers

An interesting piece in Personnel Today called Staff monitoring: keeping tabs on homeworkers by Jessica Twentyman looks at the electronic monitoring of homeworkers, the issue of trust and the legal implications. Dave Dunbar from BT Workstyle makes a telling point:
"But just because electronic monitoring is technically possible, doesn't make it a good idea, adds Dave Dunbar, head of BT Workstyle, the division of the telecommunications group that originally introduced flexible working at BT, and now works with corporate and government customers to help them implement flexible working policies. If you're that paranoid about what homeworkers are getting up to, you might as well go the whole hog and install a webcam on their PC so that you can check up on them while they work," Dunbar jokes. "If you don't spy on your staff in the office, then why do it when they are working from home?""

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  1. Delighted you picked up on this! Love the site, by the way - keep up the good work.