Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shepherd's Hut Tuesday - Thurgarton Iron Works

"Specialising in the manufacturing and repair of interesting things, both ancient and modern in all materials" is the memorable way in which Thurgarton Iron Works - run by Richard King since 1978 - describe themselves. Among the many projects are two of particular interest, the restoration of two shepherds' huts, Miss Bottifont (pictured above) and Miss Kimberley (pictured below). These are major restoration works. As Richard says: "Miss Bottifont has sat in a field which has become a house and garden for at least 80 years. The soil had almost come up to the floor and one wheel had a tree growing through the spokes." Miss Kimberly is also something of a famous shepherd's hut according to the site:
"She is said to have been the meeting point during the last war for the Home Guard so she could have been the last thing between the Kimberly Estate and world domination by the invading Germans had they got that far. I am sure that with one look at Miss Kimberly bulging with the finest and fittest of the local lads and Grandads, the invading forces would have turned to jelly and surrendered on the spot!"

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