Saturday, October 27, 2007

Natural Architecture

We've mentioned how you might grow your own garden office before. Now comes a marvellous book, Natural Architecture, by Alessandro Rocca, architect, critic and professor at the Milan Polytechnic. Here's the blurb from publishers Princeton Architectural Press:
"The artists and architects in Natural Architecture have transformed the act of building into an art form capable of sparking new relationships with nature, landscape, and the environment. Though far from basic or primitive, these creations are built from humble elements - branches, twigs, pebbles, straw, stone - found at their site. Fulfilling a wide variety of intentions - sometimes structural, sometimes sculptural, sometimes sacred - the works presented here inspire a sense of awe and reverence for the forces of nature. From a bridge in Tibet connecting an orphanage and a nearby village, to a hut fit for mythical creatures, to a pavilion in Iceland with a roof made of water perpetually frozen in an exuberant shape, each project resonates with a sense of purpose and innate beauty."
Via Designboom where you can see some of the projects featured.

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