Friday, October 12, 2007

The Folly Fancier

The Folly Fancier is a great new blog which focuses on newer follies built in the last couple of decades as opposed to those which are centuries old and well documented elsewhere. As the Folly Fancier says:
"The folly builders are still at it around the world. So this is a web place where we can record news and sightings of recent follies.Any built structure is eligible for inclusion if it is fanciful/eccentric enough and shows folly in its creator. Curious garden features qualify too."
It's early days yet but there are some great structures up there already. I particularly like the post on Folly by Design who sell plans for the completion of a ruin or folly structure. As they say: "The concept of a wooden shed with a false facade is based on the time-honored tradition of the English folly building. It is intended to offer the view a diversion in the landscape while providing a practical solution to outdoor storage and/or garden needs." You can choose an Egyptian (pictured above), Roman or Greek frontage.

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