Friday, October 19, 2007

ARES competition - disaster shelters

Shedworking-type buildings are increasingly being considered as disaster shelters and some architects, such as Sean Godsell, have already come up with some great designs. There's a wonderful new selection of ideas from the recent ARES competition run by The Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) and the UIA Work Programme on architecture and renewable energy sources (ARES): they invited architects to "develop new construction methods and practices for efficient shells and settlement units that will satisfy the urgent housing needs engendered by different geographic, topographic, ecological, social, or political crises." First prize went to the Shelter Box, the work of Oao M. Barbosa Menezes De Sequeira, Ana Carina Bernardo Figueiredo, Marta Joao Pimenta Moreira and Pedro Miguel Fernandes Ferreira from Portugal. The site here contains plenty more great ideas including, in a spirit of geographical solidarity, these inflatable earthen igloos by Maurice Clarke from Eccologgia Architects right here in St Albans.

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