Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beer shed (updated)

Is this the perfect shedworking atmosphere? Found by Eric Morehouse of eye-candy on the back cover of Fine Homebuilding (Dec '86/Jan '87). Apparently, according to the magazine text, in 1960 Alfred Heineken visited the island of Curacao and noticed a) there was a housing shortage and b) there were empty beer bottles everywhere. So he asked architect John Habraken to design him a bottle which could also be used as a brick... This shed on the Heineken estate was probably the only building built using these special bricks known as WOBOs (WOrld BOttles) and special silicon-cement mortar. Sadly it has now gone to the great shed store in the sky.
Lloyd Alter has just posted a great piece on bottlebuilding at Treehugger

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