Friday, October 19, 2007

An interpretation of Henry Thoreau's Walden cabin

Jim Cadwell is building what he says is not quite a replica, more an interpretation of Thoreau's iconic Walden shedworking atmosphere. This is how Jim describes his project:
"Thoreau built his in the summer of 1845, hewing the beams and studs from local white pine trees. For mine I've decided to cheat and buy sawn timbers from a sawmill near Grantsburg, WI. The main frame members are 6x6 white pine; the studs will be 4x6, and the rafters 4x4. I think I'm going to plaster the inside like Thoreau did, but I'm going to leave the ceiling beams exposed, because I like the look of it; it's just an interpretation, remember."
The cabin has been on the move, to Shoreview, MN, and then to Whiteoak Township, MN, where Jim plans to keep it permanently. A fascinating project and well worth a browse since he is documenting his work nicely with plenty of images (the rest of his site has some great wooden things too).
Many thanks to shed champion Sy Willmer for the alert.

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