Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oculas - luxury pod

The Oculas is a project developed by designer Lee McCormack, collaborating with the McLaren Formula One racing team. It's a kind of isolation pod inside which you can work, listen to music or have a nap with lots of superduper gadgets (electronic door that closes silently by touch, red leather upholstery, massage chair, wi-fi interactive touch screen, etc - Oculas calls it a 'womb-like interior'). And it's certainly a shedworking atmosphere. Here's how they describe it:
"Designed as a solution to define boundaries between work and leisure the OV2 encapsulates this ethos as it can operate efficiently as both a work and entertainment module, effortlessly switching between both functions. Whether it's being used for marketing, immersive branding, conferencing, purchasing, downloading, gaming, music, film, relaxation, meditation or simply escaping from the outside world it's your choice."
There's a great picture gallery here. Um, it costs $45,000.

Via Land+Living. Thanks to Anne at My Urban Garden Deco Guide for the alert.

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