Monday, October 22, 2007

The Nomad Yurt

A yurt is a great shedworking space as we've said before here and the Nomad Yurt from Ecoshack is particularly suitable for smaller back garden spaces.It comes with a modular base which makes it easier to move than traditional yurts and has a base diameter of 12', a bamboo frame diameter of 14', and a height of over 7' 6". There's a central opening for sunlight and gentle breezes. Ecoshack, who are very keen on identifying the yurt's green credentials, say you can put it up in an hour... I particularly like their sales pitch: "Circular living = good living. Yurt lifestyle is ... Comfortable. Groovy. Bohemian. And free to roam."

There's an interesting piece on yurts in the Daily Telegraph here and a discussion about the price of it at Treehugger.

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