Friday, October 12, 2007

Get shedworking: National Commute Smart Week

The busy folk at Work Wise who are doing their level best to get everybody shedworking (or at least homeworking) are running a whole National Commute Smart Week from Sunday October 28 to Saturday November 3 (i.e. starting on the day the clocks fall back). It will highlight the alternatives to spending your life commuting in a car/traffic jam. Here's what they say:
"The wider adoption of smarter working practices will not only benefit the staff involved, it will have a significant knock-on effect of reducing overall traffic congestion and public transport overcrowding by extending the rush hour and reducing peak demand, making the daily commute more bearable for those workers that have no choice. In addition, smarter working may help mitigate the significant increase in deaths and injuries that occur on our roads during the winter months."

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