Monday, October 29, 2007

Home Business Report

The hardworking folk at Enterprise Nation have just brought out an excellent report sponsored by BT called the Home Business Report (downloadable from the site). It calls for greater support and recognition for home businesses - many of which, naturally, are shedworking ones - and includes useful case studies and a 10 point blueprint to boost the economy and bring increased benefits to the environment and society. Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation and author of the report, said:
“This report clearly shows the impact home businesses are having on the economy, environment and society. Every week, more than 1,400 businesses are started from a home base yet we believe there is potential to increase this still further, with some dedicated support from government and enterprise agencies. Home business owners are ambitious for business growth and they are making full use of technology to partner with others and trade online. I hope this report will be considered seriously by policy makers so the UK can realize the full potential of home enterprise.”
Well worth a browse.

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