Saturday, May 05, 2007

Win a £25,000 ultimate shed with Teacher's Whisky

I'm a very weedy whisky drinker but now I'm sorely tempted to concentrate my efforts. Teacher's Whisky has launched a new, superbly designed mini-site called create your space (click here to go there) at which you can design your own shed using an online click-and-drag tool and then 'share your shed' (now where have I heard that before?) with friends. Add a pool table or a fish tank, change the wallpaper motif on the walls, the shed's your oyster. From the comfort of your easychair, you can also access news about music, sport and film. Best of all, there is the chance to win a £25,000 shed - all you have to do is enter a bottle code from the Teacher's Whisky bottle by your side, add your email address and then hope for the best. You'll be seeing ads for them in all the glossy national press pages soon. Marstons ran something similar last year when they gave away 30 Ultimate Sheds, eash with a La-Z-Boy chair, DVD player, TV, Micro Hi Fi, ipod nano and mini fridge.

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