Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Shedworkers trade miles for smiles

Enterprise Nation claim that home business owners are saving more than £4,000 in travel costs every year. They also save 564 hours of commuting time and nearly 3,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions. The findings come via their natty savings calculator sponsored by electronics company Brother mentioned on this site the other day. Emma Jones, editor of Enterprise Nation and a home business owner herself, said: “We launched the calculator so that people starting and growing their businesses at home could see for themselves the cost, time and environmental savings. When these results are applied to the estimated 8 million people operating commercially from home, we are looking at billions of hours that are spent productively at home as opposed to sitting in traffic jams and billions of pounds that are being invested in developing a business rather than spent on travel costs."
Enterprise Nation is also running a competition that offers a free iPod to home business owners who reveal their plans for the day.

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