Friday, May 18, 2007

Say hello for National Work From Home Day

It's National Work From Home Day today and to mark this auspicious celebration, I'll be keeping you updated with what I'm up to at Shed HQ (pictured), as it happens, CNN-style, throughout the day. It would also be lovely if you would like to leave a comment, saying hello and maybe a little bit about what you're doing today, whether you're shedworking, homeworking or just plain old working.

8.30am - Kisses for the children and it's off to the shed with a cup of coffee, The Guardian and my slippers.

8.33 - Fire up the MacBook Pro and check for phone messages. Quick whizz through selected RSS Feeds including Enterprise Nation, Telegraph Property, 50-Plus Marketing, Bread and Circuses, Inhabitat, Me And My Big Mouth, Girl Friday, MoCo Loco, Treehugger, and the shedblog. Quick whizz through emails. Pick of the day so far is Lynn 'Inside Out Buildings' Fotheringham's post at her Office in the Garden blog on the importance of garden office insulation and suggesting that employers should offer insulation grants instead of cars as a company perk.

8.45am - On the To Do list today is write an article about shedworking for the liveworkhomes web site, finish off a membership magazine for a client (the charity NACC), type up minutes of a Performance Management meeting I attended as vice-chairman of Governors at my local school, and put up some photos of my school reunion last Saturday on a separate blog. But first I'm off for my weekly Friday swim. Back about 10.15am.

10.45am - Invigorated post-swim. The post arrives. Nothing exciting. Cracking on with the shedworking article. Once I've finished my coffee.

10.54am - The To Do list grows as some pages for Active Life magazine (where I'm deputy editor) arrive to be subbed.

11.12am - Usually Fridays are fairly quiet but today things are starting to pile up: the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation, for whose magazine Rapport I write regularly, get in touch to commission three more articles. At least the deadline is some way off.

11.22am - The cricket is underway. Nobody's out yet. 212-3. We might win...Hope you're all listening to it on Test Match Special.

11.34am - Cook is out for 105. 219-4.

1.03pm - Finish the subbing for Active Life. England go into lunch in a strong position. I go into lunch feeling quite peckish and with my To Do list looking, as always, overly optimistic.

2.10pm - Back in the shed after a German sausage and tomato sandwich, cucumber sticks and hummous, with three Obregon olives. And a glass of water. As usual on a Friday afternoon, emails are drying up and the phone is very silent.

3.03pm - Finish article on shedworking, a mere five hours later than planned. And Collingwood has one of the streakiest centuries of recent years. England 352-4.

3.35pm - A quick trip into the house for a coffee and to powder my nose. It's that time of the week when it's getting harder to concentrate...

4.07pm - Finish performance management minutes while enjoying coffee in my Green Man mug. Prize for dullest email subject today goes to Microsoft Small Business News for their 'Jazz up your Excel spreadsheet and more new tips' which did not excite me.

4.45pm - Bad news. One of my clients sends through the information I've been waiting for all day which means we can't possibly hit our planned deadline. Good news. The client has wisely extended the deadlines. And Prior has got his first test match 50. And it's sunny. And the boys are back from school.

6.02pm - That's it for National Work From Home Day for me. I've just about finished everything I set out to do, enjoyed the cricket, sneaked in an episode of Desperate Housewives which I was too ashamed to mention earlier, and now I'm going out for dinner with friends. All in all, a very pleasant day. Hope yours was the same. Cheers.


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Hello from the big blue shed in Germany. It's a lovely Spring day and the roses up the side of the shed are in full bloom - lovely!

    It's fairly quiet here today(yesterday was a public holiday) - I'm just off to the house to fetch some coffee, before I get back to work on a new project proposal.

  2. Hello from the trophy room of my parents' house. Well, there's one trophy. And it's in my old bedroom.

    I'm working here today, before heading back to London tomorrow.

    I think I'm getting the hang of working anywhere. Wherever I lay my Mac is my home office.

  3. hopefully next year I can take part, but that would mean leaving the ratrace and joining the shed race which I would be very happy to do.