Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Green shed/friggebod

The marvellous Treehugger has a piece on designer Sy Willmer's version of a green garden shed produced as part of his university course in Sweden (where 'shed' translates as 'friggebod'). The result was a green roofed, solar panelled, modular building which can be used for shedworking as well as pottering. As it's green, naturally wood comes from sustainable forests and insulation is recycled paper. If you're in Sweden before June 2 you can see it exhibited at Röhsska Design Museum Göteborg. More information from Sy's site here. And if you haven't explored Treehugger, it's a marvellous site, genuinely global in scale and written expertly but sensibly, covering anything and everything that's 'green'. Well worth a look.


  1. This looks nicer than some of the places I've seen recently on Grand Designs. I bet you could give Kevin McCloud a run for his money with a rival programme on sheds.

  2. I bet he's quaking in his boots. But in fact there has been talk about Shed TV so watch this space...