Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Teacher's Scotch chases shed/homeworkers

According to Beam Global UK's Create Your Space campaign, which I posted about earlier this week, is aimed at men who want to indulge in time on their own. It's costing the company $2 million and is targeting "the common need in men over 30 wanting their own space". The plan is that pack promotions in on 70cl and 1-litre bottles will offer potential shedworkers the chance to win an "ultimate shed" tailored to their personal specification up to the value of £25,000. Just-drinks say: "Beam said that the idea is based on men having a need for "manspace" or somewhere where they can spend time in an environment that they have created, to develop their skills and authority on the subjects that matter most to them." Teacher's marketing manager Aileen Nicol is quoted as saying: Whether it is a shed, a basement or an office at home, space in modern life is at a premium. Teacher's can now help men to reclaim and create that 'man space' inspiring them to become authorities on their chosen passion." All very well and good, but how about women who might want an ultimate shed?