Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Photo competition - National Shed Week

As part of the National Shed Week celebrations, readersheds.co.uk and Shedworking are running a photo competition. As Uncle Wilco says: "There will be lots of sheds out there that people want to share, but if they are not the owners of the shed, then they can’t win shed of the year. To fulfil the need for us to see the other great sheds out there, we will be running a Shed Photo competition - you need to be a www.flickr.com member, but it’s free. You just need to add photos of sheds you see out and about to the group and we will come up with a winner during National Shed week." Prizes include a flickr pro membership (for a new member or add another year for pro member), Beach Huts, the book, and other nice goodies. Pictured is one of the entries. To enter, simply click here.


  1. we now have 39 photos on the group so if we get more than 50 then that would be a great thing for shed week

  2. Anonymous9:45 PM

    "Between a rock and a hard place"

    "Cliff Rich-shed" (do you get it?)

    Are we meant to be submitting captions yet?

  3. Emma, the bottle of champagne is yours. Unless anybody can do better...