Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hobby Huts - Fat architects

London-based architects Fat is run by Sean Griffiths, Charles Holland and Sam Jacob who have produced some of the most interesting buildings of the last few years, including the famous Blue House in east London which is a kind of live/work venture. I particularly like their Hobby Huts (pictured) which are low cost structures in Hoogvliet, a suburb of Rotterdam. The huts can be rented by local small businesses, crafts people, artists and are part of a larger regeneration project that includes a park and community hall (also designed by FAT).

Also appealing are Fat's steel-framed 'accommodation units' for the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberdeenshire (also pictured). According to Fat: "The proposal refers to the idea of basic shelter such as huts, tents, yurts, and shacks. It is intended as a sophisticated reworking of these ideas." Eclectic to the end, the design was apparently also influenced by recumbent stone circles, the shaggy coats of highland cattle, plastic wrapped bales of straw, agricultural machinery, semi-derelict buildings in the landscape, and anoraks.

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