Thursday, May 24, 2007

What do you do in your garden office?

Nikki Spencer has a nice piece in the Telegraph about different uses of garden offices (music room, artistic haven, children's den) as well as general shedworking. Nikki, a writer in South London, writes: "I had been thinking of a loft conversion, but a garden studio was cheaper, less hassle and - because I have a long, wide garden - gives me more space. During the day it's my work area, but in the evenings and weekends it's also a great place for the kids and their friends." Hers is from Garden Lodges and has an optional textured rubber floor from Blackheath Flooring Studios plus a deck. I'm also grateful to her for alerting me to a supplier I knew nothing about, AM Hilton Garden Studios which we'll be reviewing soon on the site. Photos by Matt Writtle.

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