Saturday, May 05, 2007

Guess what (another) homeworking survey reveals...

I've seen so many of these surveys in the last year that there hardly seems much point in yet another one, however welcome the results might be. This latest, from the Skipton Building Society, suggests nearly 60% of the country's employees would rather work from home, that they would save lots of money by doing so, and would even take a pay cut if that meant they didn't have to scrum into work every day. And of course they believe it would improve their life/work balance while at the same time making them more productive, and yet they feared a little about being lonely. Biggest distractions? Television, housework and children, so no surprises there either. The only findings which make this survey stand out at all (however welcome the results might be) is that nearly a third said they would not feel motivated to work if they worked from their house - what they need of course is a garden office/shed and they'd be away.

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