Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Eye Candy - Pure Folly

Phil Game runs Pure Folly, a marvellous company which builds follies, garden furniture, bridges, tree houses and garden sheds (he also does illustrations and graphic design). He's worked on a number of Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Show projects and of course private commissions of which my favourite is this cabin called Moulder's Retreat.

And here's the shed he designed for Quarryman's Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 1998. "I was responsible for designing and building the Quarryman’s shed together with David Williams, a wood-carver from Wales," he writes. "I spent many weekends in the Wye valley together with David, collecting wood and other artefacts. We built the shed in sections so it could be taken down and transported to Chelsea to be rebuilt for the show. We were meticulous with the details. Please note the carved butterfly roof ridge and oak roof shingles, the stone lifter, the Adirondack-style chair and porch support, the old gate and the bird’s nest in the rambling rose."

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