Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fact: homeworking can reduce global warming

The surveys for National Work From Home Day are coming in thick and fast. Quite a lot are dull, but this one from Oxford University as reported on Online Recruitment is more interesting demonstrating "conclusively" that the reduction in commuting time resulting from people working at home will mean less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Sadly the research also claims that although more people want to shedwork and homework, Government and business are not doing their joined-up thing to make sure the planet survives. The authors say: “Working from home has not featured very highly in Government policy and there has not been any clear statement or encouragement from central or local Government on this. There is an opportunity for teleworking to sit at the heart of a co-ordinated policy that could involve sustainable transport.” Aaron McCormack, CEO BT Conferencing said: “On average, one conference call to replace a face to face meeting can save up to 40kg of CO2.”

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