Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Hermitary

Whether you like it or not, shedworking and homeworking tends to be a fairly solitary occupation. A fantastic site for those who regard a bit of peace and quiet as, on the whole, a good thing is The Hermitary which has a wide range of articles, book reviews and links on the subject of hermits and solitude. There's also an interesting blog, Hermit's Thatch.

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  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Firstly I’d like to congratulate Alex Johnson on such a first class website, I keep finding myself returning here as I’m sure others do as well. Not only do I build and sell retreats for clients I also work from one at my home and I must say the solitude is my favourite part in doing this. I have a chair specifically placed by a window and away from my desk and this is where I go at times for a break from work. In simply plonking myself here and gazing out the window I can feel my brain/body almost healing from the pressures of work. The downside from this working/lifestyle is of course you become a little withdrawn and can go ‘within yourself’. The secret in my opinion is to be aware of this and as with all things in life ‘balance’ is the key.