Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The smallest room

San Sharma over at Enterprise Nation asked me earlier this morning about lavatories in sheds. For those of you like San worried about wasting valuable minutes when rushing from shed to house to powder your nose, consider installing a composting toilet in your garden office. We like the Envirolet® Waterless Self-Contained Systems, an all-in-one unit that you can install directly onto the shed floor without needing any external plumbing or even water. Among the many benefits are that they are environmentally friendly (they reduce and recycle waste into compost), feature patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration (no worries about odours) and can be used in winter (no worries about freeze-ups). There’s a video on the site which is bound to convince you. And there’s a heater control switch too.


  1. Ha ha! Brilliant. Not sure I want to see the video, but thanks for the link all the same.

  2. It's more like a flicker book than a video. And nothing to put you off your late breakfast. Go on, you know you want to take a look.