Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quality Mark for flexible working

Sir Digby Jones launched the new Work Wise UK Quality Mark today which will allow any organisation to gain recognition for their successful introduction of new smarter working practices in the workplace. The Mark will be assessed using the Work Wise UK Standard which has been developed in collaboration with the TUC, Transport for London, HBOS, NHS, BT and the Association for Commuter Transport. It provides a framework both for organisations that have already introduced smarter working practices and wish to go further, or those that are just realising the benefits and want to start reforming their working practices. Jones said: “Those organisations which achieve the Work Wise Quality Mark will be well placed to attract the very best staff, as the labour market becomes ever more competitive and society becomes increasingly aware of the benefits of flexibility and new ways of working.”

Assessment for the quality mark will normally take two days and require an organisation to demonstrate:
* Understanding and use of smarter working techniques as a strategic planning tool
* Staff involvement in defining future strategies
* Vision in planning for the future

The assessment will determine how effective an organisation is at recognising that smarter working, in its widest sense, contributes to not only organisational success, but employee satisfaction. It will cover the following elements:
* Operational benefits
* Client benefits
* Employee benefits
* Change management
* Legal aspects
* Transport and environment
* Healthy workplace

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