Monday, May 21, 2007

Expert opinion on new planning laws

Updating today's earlier post in superquick style, Lynn Fotheringham from InsideOut Buildings comments that: "Ruth Kelly's relaxation of the planning laws may help shorten the lead times for obtaining a garden office. We find that 80% of our garden offices need planning permission, because they are in Conservation areas. At the moment there is no indication of how the new rules will apply in Conservation areas and it is possible that Conservation rules will remain the same. Outside of Conservation areas it looks as if fewer garden offices will need planning permission and hence lead times between ordering and building will be 8 to 10 weeks shorter. However, until we see the fine detail we don't know if planning restrictions such as needing planning permission because the office is nearer to a public highway than the main house will be lifted. In short, we have never had a problem getting planning permission for a garden office, but this new ruling should in many situations reduce the client's frustration of having to wait so long for their building." For details of InsideOut Buildings: The Garden Office click here.

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