Tuesday, May 15, 2007

IT professionals like homeworking shock

In one of the least surprising news stories of the year, ihotdesk.com reports that remote working is popular with IT professionals. It says that more than 90% of over 200 IT professionals canvassed by Theitjobboard.com said they would enjoy the option to work flexibly, with a quarter revealing that they had turned down a job because of a lack of flexible working options. On the down side they add that nearly half of those questioned said that they thought a request to work flexibly would be refused by their bosses. Ray Duggins, the managing director of Theitjobboard.com, is quoted as saying: "The number of IT professionals turning jobs down because of the flexible working issue is shocking when you think of all the effort that goes into getting to the stage of a job offer. If IT organisations are not listening to what their staff want and attracting candidates accordingly, IT professionals are showing that many are willing to go elsewhere."

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