Monday, May 07, 2007

Shedworking featured in the Financial Times

An excellent article over the weekend in the Financial Times by Simon Busch about shedworking which rather puts the Guardian's recent effort to shame. Among those he talks to are writer Jenny Diski (a Cambridge shedworker). "Jenny Diski, who wrote her recent, acclaimed travel book On Trying to Keep Still in her office amid a wildflower garden in suburban Cambridge, says it’s not only the “hermit quality” of these substitute caves that appeals to writers," writes Busch. "A garden room is also “a way of making space between you and where you are living. It’s a way of going out to work, which writers don’t often do. And going somewhere to start work is important; it is a kind of ceremony.”" There are quotes from John Keenan from Rooms Outdoor and Jonathan Satchell from Hut. Busch was also kind enough to call this blog "encyclo­paedic" (which was very kind of him but is still a goal rather than a achievement).

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