Thursday, May 17, 2007

UK's first business centre for homeworkers

As I was born in Shrewsbury, I'm delighted to report that the UK’s first retail and business centre specially designed for shedworking and homeworking entrepreneurs will be launched tomorrow, National Work from Home Day, in my birthtown. Enterprise HQ in Shrewsbury has been designed to cater for the business needs of home-based entrepreneurs from Shropshire’s rural areas and is a joint project with
economic regeneration company Shropshire Enterprise Partnership and Advantage West Midlands. Fay Easton, Director of Projects for Shropshire Enterprise Partnership, said: "Shropshire is the first place in Europe to respond to the changing modes of business, which have created a prolific 21st century industrial revolution resulting in cutting edge style ‘cottage industry’. Homeworking is predicted to create the greatest major change to working practices since industrialisation and Shropshire is responding to this change. With resources such as the Enterprise HQ in place, the county will be seen as an economic pioneer in establishing support for new-economy businesses."

Enterprise HQ will enable Shropshire’s entrepreneurs to access business information and tailored resources and the new centre will combine collective retailing, advertising and promotion for the home-based businesses. Styling itself as an ‘Office meets Coffee Shop’, Enterprise HQ will include a retail gallery, state of the art wireless connected enterprise lounge, private meeting space, a 60 sq ft art wall to showcase artist’s work, and a unique ‘Tycoon’s Kitchen’ which will enable private caterers and food producers to arrange demonstrations or tastings for potential buyers. Fay, The Shed is always a potential buyer.

You can find out lots more about the project by clicking here.

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