Monday, June 01, 2009

Joseph Haydn: shedworker

The list of composers who were shedworkers is a long one (Grieg, Mahler, Birtwistle, etc) and last week's Name That Shed celebrated another in that list, Joseph Haydn. In his composing hut  he wrote several of his great creations on Bürgerspitalgasse, Eisenstadt. It is surrounded by his well-kept (and now recreated) herb garden. Haydn and his wife Maria Anna Aloisia bought the house in 1766 and the wooden hut was already on site, though Mrs Haydn did a lot of work in the garden, especially the vegetable patch. The hut is open to visitors on a guided tour of the house. More details from the Haydn Museum and an excellent book Das Haydn-Kräutergärtlein by Sigrid Weiß.

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