Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The TreeHouse Gallery: treetop fiesta!

The TreeHouse Gallery will be held in London's Regents Park in July and August and will showcase a variety of tree-top structures to encourage adults' and children's creative responses to nature. Naturally, building materials will be laragely naturally sourced and/or recycled with all timber (not pressure treated and chemical-free) and building materials donated to the project. The main gallery will be fuelled by renewable energy and transport, where necessary, will be by bike. Site-produced waste, such as leaflets, will be used for artworks. As well as the structures, there will be exhibitions, performances, workshops, debates and other spoken word events, all with an emphasis on local and creative solutions. There is a regular Tuesday meeting at 6pm on-site: more details here.

Among designers taking part are Henry Adams whose initial idea is pictured below.Dougald Hine is curating three days of the project at the start of August and today is asking people on twitter for ideas of what to do.

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  1. jotta.com went to explore and document this greener kind of gallery as final construction work was taking place… http://www.jotta.com/magazine/video/242/the-treehouse-gallery