Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Joseph Sandy: New Shedworking HQ entry

Joseph Sandy is the latest entrant in the competition to design a new HQ for Shedworking. Here's how he describes the design, pictured above and below:
"I broke down the needs into three categories: office, library, and storage. This led me to a cluster design, giving you a 10x12’ office, an 8x10’ library, and a 6x8’ storage. I thought the office and library space should be connected and the storage space should be separate. Each space is a basic rectangle with a shed roof which would make construction simple and efficient.

The office is clean, with abundant light. The desk faces inward, with no windows at your back. Also, it is not facing the main house so there will be no distractions. The Clerestory will provide ample non direct light, no matter how the building is orientated. Closed storage in the office creates a clean, non-cluttered atmosphere. A window seat is included to make the room more cozy and informal.The library is intended to be darker than the office. With wood walls and open storage this space more reflects a typical shed. This is where the cider press, books, and any other items can go. The library has one window that looks back at the house. The storage is handled as a separate building which is a basic shed. This is for any gardening / storage need. If needed it doesn’t have to be built at the same time as the office. This building also serves as the third wall to a small court yard.

The grouping of the three buildings allows the scale of the office to remain more like a shed than an office. A tree in the courtyard would also help reduce the scale. The siding of the buildings was modeled as a wood rainscreen. I would propose that you find any local reclaimed material to use as the siding. Similar to the Studio I have built. If rainwater collection is desirable, the shed roof design would lead to easy water collection. I would also recommend the use of sustainable, harvested wood for the framing and zero VOC paint and finishes."
More details and images at Joseph's blog here.

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    Okay, THIS is a nice design!