Saturday, June 06, 2009

Help to design the new Shedworking HQ

It has been suggested that we run a competition inviting readers of Shedworking to design a new HQ for the Shedworking empire. So here goes...

The rules are:
1) It must be big enough for a freelance journalist to work in, as well as storing lots of books, a cider press and some boxes of stuff which should really be in the house
2) It should be reasonably eco-friendly
3) It should be unique
4) Entries must be received by the end of June-ish

Please be as imaginative as you like. It doesn't matter if you are a designer or not, I'll put up all the suggestions emailed to me (or if you put it up on your blog, I'll link to it that way). If sketching a design is not your thing, do feel free to simply send me a description in words. Have fun! (just to clarify, there's no actual prize to be won, it's solely the Olympian joy of competing)


  1. You know I'm all over it Alex!

  2. OK... a couple questions:

    - Any height, width restrictions we need to know about?
    - How big is the cider press?
    - Any other furniture we should account for?


  3. Height - there are building regulations to consider, but as long as it's not excessively tall, that should be ok. I'm 6ft tall. No width restrictions

    Cider press - it's quite small, say the size of 15 coffee table books stacked up. I used it more as an illustration of the bits of clutter I also have in the garden office

    Furniture - just the normal stuff for an office, though if there could be somewhere to store actual gardening equipment, that would be smashing

  4. So, what exactly qualifies as a shed? Is it more suitability to its purpose or more about size? Must it be portable?

  5. It's both really, I suppose: small enough to be fairly discreet, but large enough to be useful as a garden office. It doesn't have to be portable.

  6. What is the date by which the design have to be entered?

    Wonderful, fun idea BTW.

  7. Very good point Matt. Let's say end of June. I'll amend the post

  8. Also, what's the budget we're
    looking at to work with :)

  9. Re. budget, I wouldn't worry too much about that. If you're planning a realistic garden office, then something reasonable, but by all means go for something horribly over the top that costs a fortune

  10. Anonymous3:24 PM

    The planning constraint is 4m which is about 13 feet in old money

    As for the size the main consideration is as long as its not more than 50% of the garden... Being a journo i am guessing you earn a bomb (read paid a bomb even if you dont really earn it... :) ) so you probably ahve a sizable garden, which means a 3m x 4m 'shed' would be acceptable.

  11. Yes, I am paid quite absurd amounts of money as a journalist (a profession well known for its high earning capacity) which helps with my international jetset lifestyle and live in a palatial setup so size is no object.