Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Should you have a lavatory in your garden office?

There's been a bit of a discussion on twitter today about the pros and cons of installing a toilet in your garden office (one tweet suggested that this is exactly what the compost heap is for...). Do you have one in your garden office? Or do you have any other interesting addition to your shedworking atmosphere that's maybe not that common? Pictured above is Scott H's combination outhouse/tool shed at Envirolet Buzz.


  1. I wish I did have a toilet attached to my garden office - the house sometimes seems so far away!

    The neighbour is a keen gardener, with a low fence which rules out other options!

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM

    A commode as an office chair?


  3. Does anyone have any experience of the issues involved in installing a toilet in the garden office (e.g. is there a need for building regs approval). I have been using a camping/chemical toilet, but am getting fed up with emptying and am thinking of installing something more permanent.

  4. Anonymous8:38 PM

    I`m about to live in a small caravan on my building site and would like to install a toilet in a shed on my land for the duration of the project. Does anyone know if there are regulations regarding this?

  5. Building regs are usually required if connecting either a spetic tank or into mains drainage. I would recommend checking with your council.


  6. Ideally I’d like to put something similar to a caravan bathroom into my garden cabin. During the lockdowns I’ve mainly had visitors on the decking/ shed area. The cabin has solar lighting and phone recharge points. Quite happy to have a wee loo bucket I can empty, but a sink and even a caravan shower would allow me to avoid having visitors in the house