Saturday, June 13, 2009

The beauty of mini prefab buildings

A nice piece in the LA Times by Emily Young - Oh, get a room: the beauty of mimi prefab buildings - takes a general look at shedworkingesque buildings including these his and hers hangout sheds for the children of Bonnie and Michael Kelly. Namechecks for some of the bestknow garden office suppliers including Modern Cabana, KitHaus (who provided the Kellys with their sheds, pictured above), and Modern-Shed. The piece also looks at film producer Warren Ostergard and his wife Kate who bought a 12 x 16ft kit building from Modern-Shed.
"Less than a week after it arrived, the couple had an office with cement-board siding pre-painted to match the color and trim of their house. They wired their shed for custom workstations, wireless Internet, a flat-panel TV and surround sound, plus added a dog door. They paid $25,000, or about half what an office addition would have cost. "Now, we're able to walk out of the house to go to work because it's a separate space," says Kate Ostergard, marketing director for a travel website. "That's great for us and for anyone staying overnight who doesn't want to be in the way.""

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  1. I am not sure about this sectional, as it may tick the box for view, but does it tick the box for comfort? the sectional part would cost from us about 8.000 euros, windows and doors included, but I would rather push the client to have more solid wall, a sturdier thicker roof, and maybe more of a pitch to the roof.A sectional like this in the summer will turn into a sauna!
    OK..enough of the criticism, nice job!