Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Hermitage: mobile horseboxworking

Artist, clockmaker and teller of tales Rima Staines lives and works with her partner Tui in a converted 1976 Bedford TK Horsebox. Rima describes her wooden home on wheels as "a beast of a thing to manoeuvre around little snaking lanes and is left floundering on slightly inclined motorways, managing a top speed of about 45mph." The nomadic shedworking lifestyle is an interesting one which she chronicles on her blog - The Hermitage - from using the Poste Restante service for post to the very physical nature of life on the road (and in the forest).I particularly like her outlook in general:
"Some days are wonderful, some days are stressful... much like anyone else's life really. But we are happily living the life we've chosen. Many people tell us we are brave, but we are not really. We have the same fears and dreams that all folk have.. and sometimes we fly and sometimes we sink. The important thing for me I think is that I am not imagining some other time when I might do this thing I dream of. I'm doing it now, and for all its hooting owls and cracked injector pipes, it is beautiful."
The Hermitage is a delight (you can also follow them on twitter @thehermitage) and one of those blogs you can spend hours browsing as it includes plenty of art as well as many photos and details of their working lives and when the Bedford needs repairs...

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  1. Wow :) Thank you so much for this lovely feature! We are really chuffed to join the shedworking clan... always a delight to read posts here... I shall be looking out for other sheds-on-wheels from now on!
    All the best