Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dan Schofield: Before and after

Dan Schofield is currently a shedworker since with the approach of his first baby next month and the refit of a room in the house as a nursery he needed a dedicated office space. He was kind enough to send some before and after photos of his shed conversion. Pictured above and below is the before...and here's the after...I'm not exactly what kind of work Dan does in his garden office, though his twitter biog suggests he is an ex-world champion crown green bowler, now launching a new bowling-casual clothing range. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Roger3:33 PM


    This looks really good I would be interested to know what you actually did?

    Did you insulate?

    If so did you use polystyrene / celotex.

    Did you upgrade any timbers - what did you clad the walls with - did you put in electric?

    I have a similiar shed and was looking to do the same but not sure wether to start from scratch with a new build or convert what I have.



  2. Hiyah,
    I was really surprised what a professional job my father-in-law and I have ended up doing! We put the shed up a year or two ago to store shed stuff so it wasn't in too bad condition to convert. Had to straighten it up as it was leaning a bit!

    First of all we put in 50mm Kingspan (EcoThrerm or some other variant I think), originally opted for 25mm as that would have fitted nicely in the existing frame but my dad reckoned the more the better for insulation so I took his word. (

    Unfortunately that meant we had to put strips of wood on all of the frame inside to allow us to sandwich the kingspan between the existing shed wall and our plywood cladding. I used exterior grade plywood, I think you can get 'marine' plywood but I wouldn't want to sit in a shed that gets wet enough to need marine ply!

    Luckily my father in law is an electrician so our shed was already wired for power, during the refit we put in more power points, new light fitting and then finally we wired up a telephone extension.

    I get my internet via a HomePlug setup as the router etc is back in the house.

    I reckon I spent about 300 quid on it but you could do it for less I think. About 200 of that was insulation and I definitely saw a place on the web selling it much cheaper (after I bought mine!)

    Let me know if you want any more info.


  3. With regards to clutter in a shed/room I think there's a critical mass, once you get above a certain point it rapidly gets out of hand as you don't have an space to sort out the clutter and hence reduce it.

    Congratultions to Dan for cleaning the clutter and installing a new office.