Thursday, June 04, 2009

Choosing a shed - Roomworks

Nottingham-based Roomworks is a new garden office supplier, particularly emphasising its green roof options (they use the tip top EPDM membrane). Their garden offices use the Swift Foundations plinth method, and the walls are the increasingly popular SIPS with our old friend western red cedar as cladding. They certainly look nice and the web site is a pleasure to navigate (it contains one of my favourite FAQ - How do you get a mower on a green roof?). The friendly Paul Barton from Roomworks told Shedworking: "It's not the best of times to start a business but we are passionate about what we do - especially the eco and home working side and we're determined to succeed."
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  1. Going back to the price thing - I wish that these sort of sites gave some idea about their prices. I realise they are going to say it completely variable. but they could give a sample price for a small basic option and another more elaborate version.