Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ob: Lab

Ob:Lab is an ongoing project to develop a portable, public space for dialogue, debate and conversation. Initially it started as a treehouse-based project as the designers - including Dimitri Launder who is taking part in The TreeHouse Gallery project - looked at ecology and social networking through suspended structures. Indeed, the first model was suspended "like social graffiti in public spaces". Here's what they say on their Flickr site:
"We are exploring communication and an architecture that encourages exchange - through this manifest space looking at ways of engaging with society and activating a sense of creative communal responsibility."
Pictured above is the Peace Pod by Dimitri, below is the Noosphere.
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  1. >> more info here on the PEACE POD {or 'peach pod' as you re named it}

  2. Large apologies. I've amended it now.