Saturday, June 27, 2009

Emmanuel Plat: New Shedworking HQ entry

The latest entrant in the competition to design a new Shedworking HQ is a man who knows a lot about design, the charming Emmanuel Plat. As he says:
"As an almost daily Shedworking reader and architectural drafter/illustrator, I couldn't let this go without participating... Here are two sheds (I must admit one is slightly oversized though...). I went with a 2 workers room/toilet and kitchen + storage or sleeping loft in the biggest version. The pics are self explanatory I guess (standard wooden frame structures, nothing fancy). Hope you'll like them as much as I enjoyed taking some time working on them."
These are two very impressive designs - I particularly like how Emmanuel has explored the interior of the garden office. If you're still considering sending in an entry, please do - there are still a few days left until the closing-ish date.

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