Monday, June 29, 2009

Shedworking when it's hot

As the hot weather washes over the country, it's been interesting to see on twitter how shedworkers are coping with the heat. I asked followers of @shedworking how they were getting on and here are a selection of the replies. If you're not on twitter, please leave a comment below.

@samheadhunterUK Have a day on the phones chasing for The Business Booster assignment - It will get hot this arvo in my garden office - graft in the cool.

@Ian_Hutchinson Flippin eck it's hot today....luckily my new garden office is nice and cool. Insulation is very clever..

@TowcesterNews no problem door and windows closed, is quite cool. Glad I put that padded foil insulation in the roof! #shedworking

@rosiejam its no good its impossible to work in my shed. I'm going to have to do computer based stuff indoors where its cool.

@DaylightGambler at the moment not too bad, but I do have all windows and doors open with a gentle breeze, and it is not quite in full sun yet!

@Man_in_a_Shed These Timber Buildings are good for about half the day with their insulation. PM the portable air-con will have to go on.

@jonniestamp Its actually quite fresh down the studio at the moment - I'm not sure it will last once the press is fired up!!! I'm needing air con :-)


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1 comment:

  1. Could you ask anyone out there who shed works if they have any innovative solutions to keeping cool.

    My windows and door are South facing and without the aircon on it's unbearable as they magnify the heat.

    I have considered 2 options

    Shutters on the outside. Struggling to find a supplier that doesn't want me to remortgage to pay for them. Anyone any tips?

    Window film. Negative of this is the winter sun helps heat up the shed through the windows.