Thursday, June 18, 2009

John Coupe: New Shedworking HQ entry

John from is the latest entrant in the competition to design a new Shedworking HQ. It's a 3m x 4m shed, the interior dry lined with plasterboard and painted pale green to provide a cool calm working environment. A lean-to on the end of the shed provides storage for gardening equipment and bikes. Go to his site for full details but here's a snippet:
"In the winter a solar air heater/dehumidifier provides a boost to the electric underfloor heating (that's it just to the right of the window). This 'fit and forget' piece of kit has a solar collector plate which heats up the air in the morning on winter days, when the sun is at a low angle, an integral solar powered fan blows this warmed dry air into the shed reducing the need for additional electric heat. There is a dehumidifying effect which means that any books or papers stored in the office will not suffer from the damp and general heating bills will be less due to the dryer atmosphere. No electrical connection is required for this item."

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  1. An excellent design, looks very promimsing.